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la_local_bands's Journal

los angeles' local scene
Los Angeles
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welcome to la_local_bands!

this is a community where you can find out information about bands near you, promote your own band, find out about shows, post flyers or anything like that, as long as it is related to local bands around the los angeles/orange county/california area. but hopefully just the LA bands. even if theres a show in town for a bigger band, go ahead and talk about it, its mainly for the s. cali small bands but its okay as long as it deals with california bands.

don't whore out your community unless you are an active member here!!! and if you do promote your community here, then i have permission to advertise this community in yours, its only fair. =)

if you would like me to add your bands name to the intrests for this journal, just ask. if you would also like me to put a link to your bands website, just ask.

my username is deadawake and im the moderator/owner here.


Driven _driven_

Dying For Juliet

Exposition exxposition

Fall Over Tuesday

Fluid rock_fluid

Forever Since forever_since


Knock First knock_first

Nural _nural_

Normal Like You the_next_song

Name Taken nametaken_

Over It over_it_rocks

Pillow Fight


Rapid Fire Distraction (RFD)

Section 8 ___section8

Simply Lost simply_lost

Sunset Fiction sunset_fiction

The Last Priority

This Nightmare Ends

The Silence

Unseen Victory __unseenvictory

We Are Lions

ATTENTION:if you want your band's link listed above, then please e-mail me


10 seconds to go, 46 short, adversity, almost enough, amity, angels heart, ataxia, audio karate, awkward silence, beer run, bionic records, bluntside, burning tree projekt, cadence, campground effect, chain reaction, ciril, counterfit, days away, death by death, death on wednesday, destroy all monthly, diary, drive thru records, dumbstruck, el rey theatre, ellis, epicentre, fading west, fairview, fearless records, forever in fall, forever since, forever tomorrow, from here, glue factory records, hollywood, house of blues, inmemory, key club, kill radio, killradio, knitting factory, knock first, kroq, kung fu records, l.a. riots, larger than life, limbeck, limitpoint, local bands, longfellow, los angeles, lucky 7, meanstreet magazine, name taken, nathaniels endeavor, never heard of it, never ready, no knife, no thanx to paul, noise ratchet, normal like you, nural, offset, outareach, over it, park, pop punk, ragtime revolutionaries, rarities, reel big fish, reluctant young heroes, rfd, rock fluid, s.t.a.b, section 8, simply lost, single handed, sound in silence, southern california, suburban legends, sunland, sunset fiction, sunset strip, supporting the local scene, the catastrophy, the disgraced, the fourth year, the get go, the glass house, the havok, the last priority, the psychotics, the roxy, the silence, the subjects, the troubadour, the viper room, the whisky, the wiltern, the woovolk, this nightmare ends, tujunga, turbulent, unseen victory, up in arms, vain adorations, weekend flight, wrecking crew