"The world is my ashtray" (bobs_daughter) wrote in la_local_bands,
"The world is my ashtray"

October 1 & 2 Come out and see Ben KWeller!!

Come out and support an awesome musician

live @ The Glasshouse pomona
and @ The TROUBADOUR hollywood

"I just recorded this album called Changing Horses.

 my whole childhood was spent playing in creeks, bass fishing, shooting BB guns, thinking about girls and listening to Garth. After the Beatles and before Nirvana, country music was the soundtrack to my life. That music shaped who I am. My albums which tend to be diverse, usually have one or two cuts on them that are rootsy-americana-folkie-whatever-the-fuck ya wanna call it. This album just focuses in on that one side of me. the stories are all over the place."

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